Our History

A family tradition to be shared with you.

Tradition amongst family is a very important and special ingredient. Our family was fortunate to have this delicious recipe passed down from one generation to the next to be enjoyed for years to come.

Filippo Franze, born in Caraffa del Bianco, Italy, began creating these wonderful olives several years ago. His passion for amazing olives has been passed down through the family to become our passion bringing to you the olives we have loved for years.

Today our olives are available in several locations throughout southern Ontario bringing to your table what our table has enjoyed for years. Filippo Franze would be greatly honoured if he were here today to see how successful his recipe has become.

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Caraffa Gourmet Olives are the best!.

Caraffa Gourmet Olives has an exceptionally low sodium level in comparison to other olives. Along with their mouth watering flavour they have 75% less sodium then most olives.... Read more