Caraffa Testimonials

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After many successful product samplings, our olives have received some amazing compliments and more memorable stories. The two amongst many that we'd like to share will stay with us forever.

Better than Cookies!

A little boy about 3 years of age was in a grocery cart shopping with his mom. He was enjoying a Santa Claus gingerbread cookie when his mom stopped to taste an olive. She let him try one and then moved forward. A few steps away he was pointing and saying that he wanted another. She replied "No. You had one already now you can eat your cookie." The boy looked at his cookie and tossed it behind him in the cart, then he began to cry and point back at the olives.

We couldn't help but laugh at how amazing it felt that this 3 year old was wanting our Caraffa olives instead of his Christmas Cookie. We have found that our olives are liked by all ages including children.

A Changed Woman

A lady in her mid 40's approached our table with curiosity of what we were sampling. When we informed her of what it was she stepped back, put her palms up, and said that she hated olives. She couldn't stand the smell, taste or look of them. She went on to say that she has travelled the world and had eaten all types of food, but will not eat olives.

We tried our best to convince her that these did not taste like other olives. We explained how the flavour and texture of these olives are completely different.

After a few minutes of trying very hard to have her sample one she did. It had to be a very small piece. She squinted her face as she put it in her mouth. We were a bit worried that she'd be the first not to like them. Relief came over her face and she began to cover her mouth and laugh. At that moment we knew she liked them. She finished clearing her mouth and before we could ask her what she thought she was putting not one but two jars in her basket.

Once again, this only goes to show how much our olives are truly enjoyed. We have found that over 95% of people who do not like olives like Caraffa Olives.

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